Book: Economic migration, social cohesion and development: towards an integrated approach

With: Patrick Taran, Irina Ivanthyuk and Maria Pereira Ramos

Publisher: Council of Europe Press, 2009

Distributor: Manhattan Publishing Company

Synopsis In the final declaration of the 8th Council of Europe conference, the European ministers responsible for migration affairs committed to promoting and protecting the human rights of migrants, with special attention to gender equality and the rights of women; to strengthening dialogue and co-operation between receiving, transit and origin countries, particularly within Europe; and to promoting coherence at all levels (international, national, regional and local) between migration, development and integration policies.

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In a nutshell

Adjunct Professor Arno Tanner is an innovative, intelligent and international general political scientist, with high academic credentials and proven unit leadership skills. Studied in Heidelberg and Brussels, and worked in Washington D.C and Strasbourg. Working languages Finnish, German, Swedish and English. Specialties: International migration, population questions, "soft" security and democracy enhancement. Areas of specific interest: The Nordic countries and Africa. In addition to scientific substance and methods, understands the importance of diplomacy, business communication and publishing. Good in business innovation, and fast in acute reaction.